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When you hear the word "Amish", you tend to think of the farmers with the beards who ride around in the black buggies pulled by horses. They have a simple life, spurning the modern conveniences that we enjoy and take for granted. Their lifestyle and work ethic is famous around the country as exemplary. When they do something, they do it right the first time without shortcuts.

For this reason, we have searched out an Amish tarp maker to make our marine and fishing products. He doesn't scrimp on the materials or the time and labor to make our products, so that when we ship anything to you, we do so knowing that it is made better than anything we could find out in the market.

An example is our "Buggy Bag" sea anchors. We have had these in with  wholesalers for years and have not had one return. That is not to say that these products are indestructible, anything can and will break. But if one of our products fails due to material or workmanship, it will be replaced or your money refunded without question.

The following site will show off some of the products that we carry. If you have an article that you want custom made (the term reeks of overpricing, but this gentleman is very fair) bags or tarps of any kind, call us. We can make truck tarps to order, boat covers, camper tops, and awnings, but do not show them as they are pretty much made to fit your needs.

Check back at this site often, as we will be adding new products to these pages at regular intervals. One of the new products not pictured is camo hunting chaps. These are worn over regular hunting pants or jeans to help keep the thorns off your legs. We just made the prototypes and don't have the different sizes made yet.

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Frank Kittrick,

Kittrick Quality Associates


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